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LEAKY GUT: What the heck is this--is my gut really leaking?

Posted on 08-26-2011

In keeping with our latest Facebook post/article "That Anxiety May Be in Your Gut, Not Your Head", lets talk about functional medicine and leaky gut. One of the philosophys of functional ...

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The "Dreaded" 7 Day Food Diary!

Posted on 08-19-2011

Hi!! I's Dr Beck again and it's Friday--Blog Day! Hope everyone is staying dry!! It is raining here in Pompano, so it's a GREAT blog day! If you've read through the Functional Medicine Ta...

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Posted on 08-12-2011

I want to personally welcome everyone to our new Women's BestHealth Blog! The purpose of the blog is to educate and update you on the latest information on a variety of subjects relating to women's...

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